House Cleaning Testimonials

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I cannot say enough great things about Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather is wonderful and really takes the time to understand the needs of the clients--she is also one of the nicest people I have ever met and really seems to genuinely care about how I'm doing personally. :-)

Her staff of house cleaners are also wonderful -- each person who has cleaned for us did a great job, and we were really happy with them.


Ash M. (Alameda)

Heather's services are top notch. We are seriously messy, well I am, and our house has never looked cleaner. Heather also calls after each cleaning to ensure that we are satisfied. If something isn't right, she sends the cleaning person back or adds another hour to the next cleaning at no charge. She's figured out how to provide house cleaning as a business but she takes the personal ownership of her clients needs and we like that. She even went to our house this winter when we were on vacation to turn the heat on because we were afraid of a freeze. How cool is that!

Ryan K. (Alameda)

I have lived in Alameda for over 12 years and have tried several different housekeepers and services. I finally did an extensive search and decided on Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather, the owner, came over and walked me through the house and heard my tales of woe. I cannot praise Heather and her team of cleaners for the great jobs they they do. Heather calls me every week both pre-visit (for any new requirements) and post-visit (to see if I was satisfied with the cleaning) and it is greatly appreciated. I would gladly recommend Heather and her crew to anyone in the Alameda area who is tired of mediocrity when it comes to their house.

Paul F. (Alameda)

I have the greatest house cleaning service ever! House cleaning is my personal treat to myself--so I am clearly giving up something to have this service and want it to be excellent. I have never known a business owner who wanted to really make sure that a job was done to your satisfaction as much as Heather does. I am also a 'house person' so I am somewhat fussy about details. It is such a great treat to come home after a cleaner from Heather's has been to my home. I feel she really takes an interest in seeing that the job is well done--and no matter how much I clean my house it never looks as good as it does after one of her crew has been by. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

Lyn R. (Alameda)

Heather's Home Cleaning is fantastic! They are professional, immaculate, accommodating, and on time! The house never looked so good! The price is right, very reasonable. Heather really took the time to hear what we wanted and her staff carried it out. Heather really knows how to run a business. I recommend her to anyone who needs their house cleaned, and who doesn't?

Lauren H. (Alameda)