Alameda Cleaning Service

Heather's Home Cleaning serves the entirely of Alameda -- including the main island and Bay Farm Island -- and is proud to call Alameda our home headquarters.

I moved to Alameda about a year ago from San Francisco and was actively looking for a house cleaner as the person I used for many years doesn't serve the East Bay area.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have very high standards when it comes to cleaning so these were very tough shoes to fill. I contacted Heather from Heather's Home Cleaning based on all the positive Yelp reviews and she was so pleasant to speak to on the phone. I was excited that I possibly found someone who could fill those shoes!

Heather sent a team of 3 to clean my 1600+ sq ft home and the back cottage. They spent about 2-3 hours and did a decent job. After speaking to Heather, we agreed that a large team wasn't appropriate for the layout of my home so Heather started sending Maribel. SHE IS AMAZING and very quick!

We worked with Maribel month after month until she was unavailable for one of the cleanings and then Heather sent Ana. WOW -- Ana did such an amazing job. My house is generally pretty clean but after Ana left, everything smelled extremely fresh, the house was bright and my appliances were shinning! I LOVE Ana!

Heather is amazing and easy to work with. She will send a text a few days prior reminding you of your upcoming cleaning. After the cleaning, Heather always follows up with a text asking how the cleaning went. If something isn't done right, she will work with you to make it right. Heather is wonderful -- thank you Heather and Team!

Wendy N. (Alameda)

I highly recommend Heather's Home Cleaning. I am very thankful for the service.

I am always a bit nervous when looking for a new cleaning service, as you never know quite what you're going to get. I am so glad I found Heather's service.

First, I was blown away by the quality of the initial deep clean that her team did on my home. They were incredibly thorough, and left the place feeling brand new. Since then, they've done a great job of maintaining my place with a regular cleaning service. Heather was able to help find a schedule that worked for me, and is a pleasure to communicate with. Likewise, the folks on her team are all friendly, professional, trustworthy, and hard working.

As an added bonus, I'm able to communicate with Heather via email, and pay via PayPal, which is very convenient for a busy person like myself.

Devin F. (Alameda)

I have high expectations of house cleaners and have been so happy with Heathers. She finds the right person for your home and manages the schedule and makes giving feedback easy. I love my cleaner, Ana. She's detail oriented and thorough. I was there on the first cleaning day just to show her around and she's come back when we are at work every time thereafter and puts everything back in just the right place. Highly recommend Heathers!

Mira K. (Alameda

Since when is housecleaning the highlight of your day? I'll tell you when it is, it's when the crew from Heather's home cleaning shows up and does an excellent job! I'm always impressed with the great folks she gets to perform the services. The prices are very reasonable and she stands behind the results, and checks in every time to confirm you are satisfied. You can't go wrong when everything goes right! At the risk of overwhelming her business, I totally recommend Heather's service. I hate to give up a best kept secret, but good needs to be honored for being good. I swear I heard my shower thank me.

Joy C. (Alameda)

Heathers has been a dream come true for me and my family

Maria and Magdelina are the BOMB! They arrive exactly on time. They are not slowed down by my two big lazy dogs, or my husband for that matter. They work efficiently and pay attention to detail. Maria and Magdelina work quietly and always with a smile. They are always friendly and polite.

My home has never looked better!

Linda M. (Alameda