Oakland Cleaning Service

Heather's Home Cleaning has been serving the great City of Oakland for nearly 30 years! Please don't hesitate to call us if you need your house cleaned in Oakland.

It's now been more than 2 years at the same house with Heather's Cleaning taking care of all of our intense housecleaning needs. I've come to find that for the most part it's been the same crew cleaning our house all these years, and they've taken the time to incorporate the feedback we offer Heather so that we rarely after to ask for anything specific anymore. They know where to put things, how we arrange stuff, etc. (and this really matters with toddlers running around all the time!).

Further, Heather is always flexible with the timing of our cleanings (we have yet another baby in the house, so we have to work on times when the kiddo won't be terrorizing the place during cleanings) and continues to check in after the cleaning. Every. Single. Time. And it's great. We're guilty of constantly changing our cleaning schedule based on our needs and budgeting, and Heather is very responsive and does not take any offense when we ask for accommodations. Finally, there have been several times where I've forgotten to leave keys and had to drive back from work to let the cleaners in, and they've never given me any grief over my forgetfulness.

I really appreciate Heather and her crews. They've made our lives so much easier (and cleaner!).

Stephen F. (Oakland)

After deciding that I would no longer spend my nights and weekends cleaning or procrastinating WAY too long on cleaning the bathroom-yuck - I decided to give Heather's Home Cleaning at shot. It's now been 6 months and I could not be happier with my biweekly service. Seriously - Best. Decision. Ever. Heather is great. She sends out a reminder the day before a cleaning (this is super handy) and always asks for feedback. Anytime I felt like something needed extra attention, I'd just let her know and she'd make sure it was done. Her responsiveness is impressive and I LOVE coming home to a wonderfully smelling, CLEAN house! I always look forward to cleaning day, but the best part is that now I get to spend more time with my family. As a new mama, Heather's Home Cleaning truly saved my sanity. I highly recommend this service!

Christy F. (Oakland)

We are very satisfied with the work performed by Heather's crew in our apartment. We have a 4-bed, 2.5-bath home, and they never fail to leave it looking and smelling so clean.

We provide the cleaning tools & supplies, and give them a list of priorities to focus on. We leave home for work in the morning, and when we return in the evening, it's like the cleaning fairies have visited.


Andrew F. (Piedmont)

I am very pleased and satisfied with the work that Heather and her team provides. It is consistently good and she communicates really well before and after an appointment.

I have tried my fair share of housecleaning services, but am glad to have finally found one that works for my schedule and is affordable. From the initial walk-through and phone calls Heather was there to make it a smooth process and I feel comfortable knowing that my house is being taken care of.

I highly recommend anyone to give her service a try.

Rachel R., Oakland

I've been using Heather's Home Cleaning services for a few months now and am so impressed with their thoroughness, timely manners and communication! I always expected professional cleaners to do just a so-so job because they clean so many homes and wouldn't care about my particular preferences, but anytime I have requested something special, they are on it! And I love that Heather will call you after every clean to ensure you are satisfied with her employee's work. I have never been disappointed and always look forward to the day my housecleaner comes. And I have had a couple different girls and both were wonderful so I know Heather only hires trustworthy, hard-working and dependable people. I'm so happy I found Heather. She and her crew are so friendly and professional. I would recommended her to others in a heartbeat!

Debbie L., Oakland