Berkeley House Cleaning Service

Heather's Home Cleaning has been serving the incredible City of Berkeley for nearly 30 years!

Please don't hesitate to call us if you need your house cleaned in Berkeley.

Heather and her team were lifesavers. I was convinced that I would have time to pack, move and clean my old apartment but with one week before I needed to hand over my keys it became clear that wasn't in the cards. I submitted a contact form through Heather's website crossing my fingers they'd have availability on such short notice and she replied within 24 hours to set up a phone call to review the service I needed. She requested that I purchase oven cleaner to spray on overnight and when I couldn't find it at Target I gave her a call and she helped identify the aisle and shelf where I could find it! Her team did an amazing job getting my apartment move out ready and crossed a huge item off a long and overwhelming to-do list.

Anna L. (Berkeley)

I would highly reccomend Heather's Cleaning! She is very responsive and friendly to work with. She accomodated for our schedule during the busiest part of the month for her. I loved the fact that you could text her, skipping the steps of phone tag. The cleaners were friendly, professional, and did a nice job in a timely matter (move out clean).

Katie L. (Berkeley)

We have been using Heather and her crew for well over 2 years now and I continue to NEVER be disappointed with the service!

First of all, Heather is very easy to communicate with and is always very responsive. There is never a problem working a cleaning in around our busy schedule.

Second, Heather's team always arrives while my husband and I are both at work and I cannot tell you how nice it is to come home to a clean house at the end of a long day!

I also find Heather's rate very reasonable and competitive.

I would not hesitate to recommend Heather to anyone. 5 stars!!

Cookie C. (Berkeley)

Heather rules! We have weekly service with Heather's Home Cleaning. You will not find a better service. Heather always reminds me a day before our house cleaner is coming and she always wants feedback to make sure our home cleaner is doing a good job. There is no way you can use Heather's service without getting exactly what you want cleaned due to her always being on top of it to make sure you are happy. I really have not had to provide much feedback because our home cleaner always does a good job. Prices are reasonable and the value has way exceeded my expectations. Thanks Heather!!

Jeff D., San Francisco

When I first walked into the house I'd rented in Berkeley (chosen for its ideal location) I thought, frankly, only gutting it completely could help it. It was dismal and faintly sordid, like an ancient bus stop in a rural town. The furnishings were early dentist's office. These were replaced, but the greatest change was worked by Heather's Home Cleaning. Never have I seen clean like this: walls and tiles changed color, surfaces I'd been reluctant to actually touch, glittered. I cannot recommend this service highly enough, and wish I could kidnap one of its brilliant workers--my REAL house needs help too.

Louise G., Visiting Professor, Berkeley