House Cleaning Testimonials

Heather and her team were lifesavers. I was convinced that I would have time to pack, move and clean my old apartment but with one week before I needed to hand over my keys it became clear that wasn't in the cards. I submitted a contact form through Heather's website crossing my fingers they'd have availability on such short notice and she replied within 24 hours to set up a phone call to review the service I needed. She requested that I purchase oven cleaner to spray on overnight and when I couldn't find it at Target I gave her a call and she helped identify the aisle and shelf where I could find it! Her team did an amazing job getting my apartment move out ready and crossed a huge item off a long and overwhelming to-do list.

Anna L. (Berkeley)

I would highly reccomend Heather's Cleaning! She is very responsive and friendly to work with. She accomodated for our schedule during the busiest part of the month for her. I loved the fact that you could text her, skipping the steps of phone tag. The cleaners were friendly, professional, and did a nice job in a timely matter (move out clean).

Katie L. (Berkeley)

We have been using Heather and her crew for well over 2 years now and I continue to NEVER be disappointed with the service!

First of all, Heather is very easy to communicate with and is always very responsive. There is never a problem working a cleaning in around our busy schedule.

Second, Heather's team always arrives while my husband and I are both at work and I cannot tell you how nice it is to come home to a clean house at the end of a long day!

I also find Heather's rate very reasonable and competitive.

I would not hesitate to recommend Heather to anyone. 5 stars!!

Cookie C. (Berkeley)

I moved to Alameda about a year ago from San Francisco and was actively looking for a house cleaner as the person I used for many years doesn't serve the East Bay area.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have very high standards when it comes to cleaning so these were very tough shoes to fill. I contacted Heather from Heather's Home Cleaning based on all the positive Yelp reviews and she was so pleasant to speak to on the phone. I was excited that I possibly found someone who could fill those shoes!

Heather sent a team of 3 to clean my 1600+ sq ft home and the back cottage. They spent about 2-3 hours and did a decent job. After speaking to Heather, we agreed that a large team wasn't appropriate for the layout of my home so Heather started sending Maribel. SHE IS AMAZING and very quick!

We worked with Maribel month after month until she was unavailable for one of the cleanings and then Heather sent Ana. WOW -- Ana did such an amazing job. My house is generally pretty clean but after Ana left, everything smelled extremely fresh, the house was bright and my appliances were shinning! I LOVE Ana!

Heather is amazing and easy to work with. She will send a text a few days prior reminding you of your upcoming cleaning. After the cleaning, Heather always follows up with a text asking how the cleaning went. If something isn't done right, she will work with you to make it right. Heather is wonderful -- thank you Heather and Team!

Wendy N. (Alameda)

It's now been more than 2 years at the same house with Heather's Cleaning taking care of all of our intense housecleaning needs. I've come to find that for the most part it's been the same crew cleaning our house all these years, and they've taken the time to incorporate the feedback we offer Heather so that we rarely after to ask for anything specific anymore. They know where to put things, how we arrange stuff, etc. (and this really matters with toddlers running around all the time!).

Further, Heather is always flexible with the timing of our cleanings (we have yet another baby in the house, so we have to work on times when the kiddo won't be terrorizing the place during cleanings) and continues to check in after the cleaning. Every. Single. Time. And it's great. We're guilty of constantly changing our cleaning schedule based on our needs and budgeting, and Heather is very responsive and does not take any offense when we ask for accommodations. Finally, there have been several times where I've forgotten to leave keys and had to drive back from work to let the cleaners in, and they've never given me any grief over my forgetfulness.

I really appreciate Heather and her crews. They've made our lives so much easier (and cleaner!).

Stephen F. (Oakland)

I highly recommend Heather's Home Cleaning. I am very thankful for the service.

I am always a bit nervous when looking for a new cleaning service, as you never know quite what you're going to get. I am so glad I found Heather's service.

First, I was blown away by the quality of the initial deep clean that her team did on my home. They were incredibly thorough, and left the place feeling brand new. Since then, they've done a great job of maintaining my place with a regular cleaning service. Heather was able to help find a schedule that worked for me, and is a pleasure to communicate with. Likewise, the folks on her team are all friendly, professional, trustworthy, and hard working.

As an added bonus, I'm able to communicate with Heather via email, and pay via PayPal, which is very convenient for a busy person like myself.

Devin F. (Alameda)

I have high expectations of house cleaners and have been so happy with Heathers. She finds the right person for your home and manages the schedule and makes giving feedback easy. I love my cleaner, Ana. She's detail oriented and thorough. I was there on the first cleaning day just to show her around and she's come back when we are at work every time thereafter and puts everything back in just the right place. Highly recommend Heathers!

Mira K. (Alameda

Since when is housecleaning the highlight of your day? I'll tell you when it is, it's when the crew from Heather's home cleaning shows up and does an excellent job! I'm always impressed with the great folks she gets to perform the services. The prices are very reasonable and she stands behind the results, and checks in every time to confirm you are satisfied. You can't go wrong when everything goes right! At the risk of overwhelming her business, I totally recommend Heather's service. I hate to give up a best kept secret, but good needs to be honored for being good. I swear I heard my shower thank me.

Joy C. (Alameda)

After deciding that I would no longer spend my nights and weekends cleaning or procrastinating WAY too long on cleaning the bathroom-yuck - I decided to give Heather's Home Cleaning at shot. It's now been 6 months and I could not be happier with my biweekly service. Seriously - Best. Decision. Ever. Heather is great. She sends out a reminder the day before a cleaning (this is super handy) and always asks for feedback. Anytime I felt like something needed extra attention, I'd just let her know and she'd make sure it was done. Her responsiveness is impressive and I LOVE coming home to a wonderfully smelling, CLEAN house! I always look forward to cleaning day, but the best part is that now I get to spend more time with my family. As a new mama, Heather's Home Cleaning truly saved my sanity. I highly recommend this service!

Christy F. (Oakland)

Heathers has been a dream come true for me and my family

Maria and Magdelina are the BOMB! They arrive exactly on time. They are not slowed down by my two big lazy dogs, or my husband for that matter. They work efficiently and pay attention to detail. Maria and Magdelina work quietly and always with a smile. They are always friendly and polite.

My home has never looked better!

Linda M. (Alameda

We are very satisfied with the work performed by Heather's crew in our apartment. We have a 4-bed, 2.5-bath home, and they never fail to leave it looking and smelling so clean.

We provide the cleaning tools & supplies, and give them a list of priorities to focus on. We leave home for work in the morning, and when we return in the evening, it's like the cleaning fairies have visited.


Andrew F. (Piedmont)

Heather's Home Cleaning has been the best I've used in the past 10 years. Her staff are always conscientious and hardworking. Proactive, thorough, and enjoy what they do. Great attitude, altruistic and respectful. Heather does a great job in following up and making sure we are satisfied, and is flexible with days and times when needed. I've had cleaners over the past two decades and I can honestly say I have never been more satisfied. Thank you Heather, for your professionalism and consistent standards -- much appreciated!

Barbara C., Alameda, 1/1/13

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for over 6 months now; prior to that I used to clean my home myself. Heather was more skeptical than I was about having one of her girl's clean for me--she was worried I would not find any of them up to my standards. The good thing about Heather is she does not stick you with one person, she gives you the opportunity to try different cleaners until you are satisfied. I have been very happy with the services provided, and I have recommended her to several friends. Heather confirms the cleaning the day before, and asks about the work after the job is complete.

It has made my weekends so much better!

Mita R. Alameda, 12/24/12

After moving from San Francisco to El Cerrito, I was skeptical that I could find a cleaning service that did as good of a job as the previous one did. Heather's customer service skills are fantastic. She consistently checks up on me, making sure I'm happy with the service and always ready to hear my critiques. She communicates clearly what to expect and I appreciate that. I've been pretty happy with the level of cleanliness of my home and I consider myself definitely more picky than your average customer! Heather cares about her business and her customers, which is even more important to me than the cleaning itself. I think I've found a keeper!

Emily N. El Cerrito, 12/19/12

I have had many cleaning services and Heather's is one of the best! Reasons why?

1) She worked with me to find the best fit for our house and needs. We found a good match and I am very happy with our service.
2) She consistently calls to confirm each cleaning appointment and then ALWAYS follows up to see how the cleaning was, if the
quality is consistent, and to see if we are getting the ongoing service we need.
3) She is flexible and always works hard to accommodate changes in our schedule if needed, or last minute requests.
4) She is nice and pleasant to work with and always up-beat.

I highly recommend her service! Great job!

Allison Y. Alameda, 12/9/12

I received a gift certificate for Heather's Home Cleaning at my baby shower more than two years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. My first experience with the cleaners Heather sent to my home was exceptional. Two women came and worked on my home for three hours, and it sparked from top to bottom once they were finished. Nothing was neglected. Dishes were cleaned, garbage was removed, toilet and tub were scrubbed--the works.

I am a teacher and the single mom of a rambunctious two-year old, so my house gets messy quickly. Additionally, I have a physical injury that limits my mobility so it is difficult to stay on top of things. My home has gotten to the point, at times, that I don't even want to let friends or family in because I am so uncomfortable with the mess. Heather's cleaners make me feel immediately at ease and simply get to work on whatever I ask them to do. They are also instinctive and clean-up and take care of things that I forget to mention or don't always notice.

There has not been a single time when I have called Heather that she has not been able to accommodate me. If I had to describe Heather's Home Cleaning in a single word it's QUALITY! The workers who come to the house are professional, helpful and efficient. I can trust my home to them and feel comfortable leaving them to finish their tasks. I recently had the good fortune to have Christine come to help me, who is an extremely fast and thorough worker. That would be enough in itself, but Christine was kind and loving to my two-year old son when he attempted to get in her way several times. That was just one example of a way that Heather's cleaners go above and beyond the call of duty. Another thing that I really appreciate about Heather's Home Cleaning is that it is a small family operated and local business with a personal touch, but still has the reliability of a corporate business.

I am so pleased with Heather's service that I recommend it to my closest friends. There is no need to look any further for a service that is affordable, efficient, honest, reliable, and effective. Heather's Home Cleaning is simply the Best!

Mir L. Alameda, 12/2/12

I LOVE Heather's Homecleaning!

No joke! More times than I can count I have called other services, made appointments, cancelled them cause I was nervous about having someone in my home.

But, I really need a home cleaning service. I work a million hours and in my time off I don't want to do housework. And I need a clean, peaceful home.

So a couple of months ago, I finally sat down, cruised through all the yelp reviews of the local home cleaning services and found Heather's. I sent an email and she called me right away.

Heather was so warm and down to earth that she left me feeling I was in great hands. I was also really impressed by her rates. We set a date for the first visit, Heather called me the day before to confirm and Christine showed up as expected.

I walked Christine through my place, told her what I needed and left to run errands. When I came home...Oh Happy Day! The house was calm, clean and orderly.

Later, Heather dropped by to check on the result (which was and always is excellent!). Amazingly, my very cranky cat, Maggie, went straight up to her and started purring. This is unheard of!!! Maggie hides in the closet and glares when people walk by on the street! Heather's observant, engaging and she inspires trust.

Christine, my housecleaner, is awesome--if I ask, its done and done well. She has the gift of bringing order out of chaos. She also seems to know where the place for everything is--something I've never been able to figure out. On the days she's been to my place it's as if she's waved a magic wand and created order and serenity and charm.

I really like it that Heather's business is a community based business and that her staff are from the community as well.

Heather's Housecleaning is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I can work as long as I want, have a life and have a happy home. It's heaven!

Siobhan O., Alameda

I am very pleased and satisfied with the work that Heather and her team provides. It is consistently good and she communicates really well before and after an appointment.

I have tried my fair share of housecleaning services, but am glad to have finally found one that works for my schedule and is affordable. From the initial walk-through and phone calls Heather was there to make it a smooth process and I feel comfortable knowing that my house is being taken care of.

I highly recommend anyone to give her service a try.

Rachel R., Oakland

Heather and her folks are AMAZING! I've been having them clean my place, bi-weekly, for about 4 months. The work is always impeccable. Actually, it's more than impeccable. They seem to find ways to put stuff away that had never occurred to me.

I cook a lot and am literally giddy coming home the days that her people have been here, because I know I have a clean slate to work with. And Heather is no, just, office manager for her business. She comes out herself to let her staff into your house and checks with you EVERY SINGLE TIME on the quality of the work. Seriously, when was the last time you had THAT kind of service?

And here's the kicker, the first day that Heather and Jennifer (who normally does my place) showed up, instead of running in fear from my dog (who I take to day care when they're here), they got down on the floor and talked to her and said hello. They could work with her here if they needed to. I'm not suggesting that you ask any outside contractor to do that, but the effort made was deeply appreciated.
I am EXTREMELY pleased with this service.

Kelly M., Alameda

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for about 5 years. I love coming home on cleaning day because I know the house will be clean. Heather always checks in to make sure the cleaning was done to my satisfaction. I am highly satisfied with the job she does.

Cindy L., Alameda

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for years. She definitely earns 5 stars. The staff are experienced, thorough, trustworthy and amiable. A special feature of this service is that Heather frequently calls personally for a report on the quality of the work. And she isn't satisfied with a general statement. She probes for detail - any details missed? anything that could be done better? Heather is a perfectionist - a good thing indeed in home cleaning.

Try this service. You won't be disappointed!

Robin B., Alameda

I've been using Heather's Home Cleaning services for a few months now and am so impressed with their thoroughness, timely manners and communication! I always expected professional cleaners to do just a so-so job because they clean so many homes and wouldn't care about my particular preferences, but anytime I have requested something special, they are on it! And I love that Heather will call you after every clean to ensure you are satisfied with her employee's work. I have never been disappointed and always look forward to the day my housecleaner comes. And I have had a couple different girls and both were wonderful so I know Heather only hires trustworthy, hard-working and dependable people. I'm so happy I found Heather. She and her crew are so friendly and professional. I would recommended her to others in a heartbeat!

Debbie L., Oakland

Heather rules! We have weekly service with Heather's Home Cleaning. You will not find a better service. Heather always reminds me a day before our house cleaner is coming and she always wants feedback to make sure our home cleaner is doing a good job. There is no way you can use Heather's service without getting exactly what you want cleaned due to her always being on top of it to make sure you are happy. I really have not had to provide much feedback because our home cleaner always does a good job. Prices are reasonable and the value has way exceeded my expectations. Thanks Heather!!

Jeff D., San Francisco

I've now been a customer of Heather's Home Cleaning for about three months and I love it! Heather worked with me to find the appropriate schedule for my house, my special circumstances and my budget, and it's worked out great. I've never previously experienced a home cleaning service and was definitely hesitant to allow strangers in my home when I'm not there. But I have absolutely no regrets. And I have to mention Kim... she has been the regular house cleaner for my place and she is absolutely awesome! I am always super excited to come home on my scheduled cleaning days. There's always something that I'm surprised to find that was cleaned or some extra little detail that I wouldn't expect. I highly recommend Heather's Home Cleaning and have already shared their contact info with a few friends.

Rin H., Oakland

I have no ide what Carlos and Carter are talking about because I just had Heather's Home Cleaning do a move out clean on my apartment and it was fabulous.

She was super nice on the phone, was fair with her pricing, on time for both the start of the clean and then for the completion. I was actually late to getting their for the start and she and her assistant were obliging about the whole thing.

This apartment had never been professionally cleaned and I considered moving back in because of how beautiful the tub looked.

Look no further folks, these ladies provide a great service!

Katie H., Oakland

When I first walked into the house I'd rented in Berkeley (chosen for its ideal location) I thought, frankly, only gutting it completely could help it. It was dismal and faintly sordid, like an ancient bus stop in a rural town. The furnishings were early dentist's office. These were replaced, but the greatest change was worked by Heather's Home Cleaning. Never have I seen clean like this: walls and tiles changed color, surfaces I'd been reluctant to actually touch, glittered. I cannot recommend this service highly enough, and wish I could kidnap one of its brilliant workers--my REAL house needs help too.

Louise G., Visiting Professor, Berkeley

I have tried many cleaning services in the East Bay and was not satisfied with any of them until I found Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather is wonderful and the cleaners who are employed by her do an amazing job cleaning exactly what you want done. Some weeks I like to have a once over on the entire house and others I might just want the oven and bathrooms cleaned. Whatever you want, they will do and do well. Heather always calls to remind you of your cleaning day and also to check to make sure everything was cleaned to your satisfaction. I have two fur babies that are always treated very well by Heather and her staff. My cats are my kids and it was extremely important to me that whoever was in my house was kind to my animals. I am so happy to have found a cleaning company that I can stick with long term knowing I will be happy with the results.

Jerdine C. (Alameda)

I've been using Heather's Home Cleaning for about 6 months now, and am still one happy camper. She and her staff are extremely punctual, thorough, and just plain sweet!

Today, we had a new woman from the service clean our house and she did the best job yet! Not only was my house SPOT-LESS, but she even tied cute little bows out of some stray ribbons lying near my windows. Too cute. She also cleaned underneath a pile of woven branches I brought in from outside to decorate my mantle with. Unreal. I didn't expect anyone to tackle that.

When it comes to house cleaning, it's always the little things!

Rachel L. (Alameda)
Updated: 11/21/2011

Heather helped me solve the problem of two teenagers, a very busy schedule and house cleaning. Between my kids' extracurricular programs, we just could not get to the chores of house cleaning to the extent of our requirements. Heather and her team developed a cleaning schedule that fits our budget and our fastidiousness.

Her team has exceeded our expectations within. Heather is exceptionally organized and has provided us with very consistent and professional customer care.

Thank you Heather and team!

Chris A. (Alameda)

We have never had a more professional and courteous house cleaning service. We've been using Heather's Home Cleaning for almost one year, and have never, ever had a problem. I know people scan these reviews, so here's the bullets:

-100% consistent in making a set weekly schedule around our schedules.
-Never been late!
-100% flexible if we have to move the timing for a specific week.
-Heather calls us to remind us each week about the coming appointment.
-Pro cleaning (a spotless 1-bedroom flat in less than 2 hours). Even do the dirty dishes that are around the house if we don't have time to do them.
-Heather calls to follow up after each cleaning to ask if there's anything they missed, that they could do better, etc.
-Heather is a very professional and kind person to work with. 5 stars!

This company is great!!!!

Christopher W. (Alameda)

I can handle regular, workaholic filth--but now that I have 2 pets to clean up after (not to mention a jock type boyfriend), I decided it was time for some backup.

I found Heather on Yelp, called, and Heather set up an appt. right away, over the phone.

She agreed to come over with one of her cleaners the following week to meet us, meet our pets, and to check out our home. Who actually gets to MEET their house cleaner?! They were both so sweet and I felt perfectly comfortable leaving the house and pets in the house cleaner's capable hands.

When I got home from work I could smell the freshness from the entryway. Every nook and cranny was spotless.

The best part: I didn't have to pay until Heather confirmed I was happy with the job. She called that evening to talk about the cleaning, and even mentioned that the cleaner reported having a nice time with our pets while we were gone. Such a relief!

I will definitely be using Heather's Home Cleaning on a monthly basis. Couldn't recommend the service more highly. You deserve it!

Rachel L. (Alameda)

Heather's Home Cleaning has finally solved our house cleaning dilemma. We love a clean house but with two working parents and busy kids, we do not have the time to keep it at the level of clean that we like--or I guess if we do make the time we really do nothing but work and clean--and that is no fun either. We have hired independent house cleaners in the past and had inconsistent results, as well as communication struggles.

With Heather's Home Cleaning we have a great solution now--a fair price, a great cleaner, and a caring owner who diligently checks in before and after to make sure everything was done to our liking. We are overall thrilled and I would highly recommend Heather and her crew to anyone.

Anna M. (Alameda)

Heather and her service are fantastic and we LOVE coming home on cleaning day because of it. Heather gives the type of customer service that you hope for but don't dare expect. She always calls to remind you when the housekeeper is coming, she follows up to ask if the service was up to your expectations, and she does this every single time.

We never have to wonder if the housekeeper is coming and when they're coming, and we know that if we have a special request, Heather will make sure the cleaner fulfills it. Actually, our housekeeper does thoughtful things without even being asked, such as taking in our mail when she realized we were out of town.

And then there's the price: totally affordable, and you pay in one check every month. We are so happy that Heather is here in Alameda to help busy working couples like us!

Tosca F. (Alameda)

Heather Lee is like an old friend. I've used Heather's Home Cleaning for almost 5 years now--and I can't tell you how much I look forward to every other Friday. She always calls on the Thursday before to remind me about the cleaning-- which gives me a chance to make special requests. Other than that, we leave the money on the table, and they take care of the rest.

My kitchen floor is so clean that it SHINES (just when I had given up hope and started planning to replace it). It seemed like I would have to replace the shower grout, too--but now that's under control as well.

I'm glad I have my Friday slot secure, and my family is glad that we don't have to worry about cleaning the house during our precious free time!

Robb D. (Alameda)

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for about 6 months now, and have lived all over the country and hired national companies and individuals. From the first phone call with Heather, I knew the service would be outstanding. She came to our home with our cleaning person the first day. We walked through the house and discussed expectations and needs. Heather always calls to follow up after a cleaning to check in and make sure we are happy with the work.

My husband and I work very demanding jobs that require travel. Having a dependable and reliable service and Heather's follow-up has been fantastic. It's one less thing to worry about. I highly recommend the company and the people!

Lori B. (Alameda)

I cannot say enough great things about Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather is wonderful and really takes the time to understand the needs of the clients--she is also one of the nicest people I have ever met and really seems to genuinely care about how I'm doing personally. :-)

Her staff of house cleaners are also wonderful -- each person who has cleaned for us did a great job, and we were really happy with them.


Ash M. (Alameda)

Heather's services are top notch. We are seriously messy, well I am, and our house has never looked cleaner. Heather also calls after each cleaning to ensure that we are satisfied. If something isn't right, she sends the cleaning person back or adds another hour to the next cleaning at no charge. She's figured out how to provide house cleaning as a business but she takes the personal ownership of her clients needs and we like that. She even went to our house this winter when we were on vacation to turn the heat on because we were afraid of a freeze. How cool is that!

Ryan K. (Alameda)

I have lived in Alameda for over 12 years and have tried several different housekeepers and services. I finally did an extensive search and decided on Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather, the owner, came over and walked me through the house and heard my tales of woe. I cannot praise Heather and her team of cleaners for the great jobs they they do. Heather calls me every week both pre-visit (for any new requirements) and post-visit (to see if I was satisfied with the cleaning) and it is greatly appreciated. I would gladly recommend Heather and her crew to anyone in the Alameda area who is tired of mediocrity when it comes to their house.

Paul F. (Alameda)

I have the greatest house cleaning service ever! House cleaning is my personal treat to myself--so I am clearly giving up something to have this service and want it to be excellent. I have never known a business owner who wanted to really make sure that a job was done to your satisfaction as much as Heather does. I am also a 'house person' so I am somewhat fussy about details. It is such a great treat to come home after a cleaner from Heather's has been to my home. I feel she really takes an interest in seeing that the job is well done--and no matter how much I clean my house it never looks as good as it does after one of her crew has been by. Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

Lyn R. (Alameda)

Heather's Home Cleaning is fantastic! They are professional, immaculate, accommodating, and on time! The house never looked so good! The price is right, very reasonable. Heather really took the time to hear what we wanted and her staff carried it out. Heather really knows how to run a business. I recommend her to anyone who needs their house cleaned, and who doesn't?

Lauren H. (Alameda)

Wow! Prompt, punctual, and excellent attention to detail are only some of the positive qualities we've found so far with Heather and her staff. We picked her based on Yelp reviews, and have been delighted. We schedule visits about 3 weeks apart, and Heather always follows up to confirm at least a day or two in advance. Our regular house cleaner, Martha, is just terrific! She's very personable, quite efficient, and extremely thorough. We recommend Heather's without hesitation!

Thomas S. (Alameda)

I've been using Heather's Home Cleaning for almost 3 years and have been consistently pleased with the level of professionalism and results. Heather has always worked hard to accommodate my shifting schedule--always able to find a day/time that works for everyone. And the girls who come to clean are always thorough and respectful; I never hesitate to leave them alone in the house. I'm always satisfied with the end result, which says a lot considering I've got two kids under 2 years of age working their hardest to dirty our house up!

Mary R. (Alameda)

We have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for well over a year now. Heather is meticulous about calling to check to see that everything is cleaned well and that her customers are happy. She keeps me on track with reminders of upcoming cleaning and is flexible with my dynamic work schedule. Her crew have always been trustworthy and friendly and dedicated to doing a great job. Reasonable rates, friendly service and great cleaning--very happy!

Erin A. (Alameda)

I've lived in Alameda for 52 years, have employed numerous cleaning services and can absolutely recommend Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather is a lovely person--and as far as the quality of her management and the ability of her workers--there can be no doubt they are excellent. My only fear is the day may come when she is TOO busy!

Ellen P. (Alameda)

Probably the thing that irritates me the most about my wife is her inability to put things away. She keeps things almost clean, but I was constantly reorganizing and picking up. Sunday was a nightmare of trying to get the kids to clean their rooms. Now I have Kim. I leave a note, it's done. She cleans and organizes, and when I get home....big sigh of relief. In fact, if you don't want it cleaned, you better hide it.

Thanks Heather.

Art N. (Alameda)

I moved to Alameda a year ago and started using Heather's Home Cleaning. I've been extremely pleased with it. Heather, the owner, is very friendly, prompt, and professional, and checks regularly to make sure everything's going well. My housecleaner, Jan, is great! She's thorough and easy to get along with. I love the feeling the house has after she's been here. She's very careful about my dogs and likes having them around even though they get underfoot sometimes. It's also good to feel completely safe leaving her alone in the house when I go to work. They're just good people!

Frances T. (Alameda)

I've been using Heather's Home Cleaning for over a year. Heather is extremely reliable and I really appreciate the weekly call to remind me of the time and date on my house cleaning service. The staff are very good and very nice. It's a great feeling to come home to a clean house with no worries about security.

Heather is also really good about following up to see if I had any issues with the cleaning (I rarely do). If there is any issue, it is remedied by the next cleaning! I wish all my services were as good! And Heather and her cleaning folks deal very well with my 80-year old father who lives with me. I'm not sure how I'd get along without her services and upbeat personality!

Holly A. (Alameda)

We have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for almost a year now, and everything has been wonderful! Before we were using a large national company and felt like the service was not consistent, as different cleaning people would come each time. With Heather, the service is definitely consistent, and the customer service is wonderful. I would recommend her service to my neighbors...and it's a local Alameda company which is an added benefit. Thank you to Heather and Jan for the wonderful work! You have made my life much easier as now I am not always cleaning on the weekends.

Tricia L. (Alameda)

We started using Heather's Home Cleaning last November and couldn't be happier. The owner, Heather Lee, takes an active role in making sure your house is cleaned the way you requested. Not that we had to do it but if we ever have a problem, we feel comfortable going directly to Heather and not having to deal directly with the house cleaner. It's also nice to be able to email Heather and then she handles all the communication with her staff. We used to hate writing lengthy notes to our previous housekeeper when we were usually in a rush to get to work. Heather has also been wonderful when we have had to switch our house cleaning day. We've tried various services over the years, and Heather's Home Cleaning has been the best we have ever found.

Greg T. (Alameda)

It took years to find a good cleaning person/service, but I was finally successful when I met Heather a couple of years ago.

She goes out of her way to work with our schedule, her staff is great, and she always makes sure we're pleased with the cleaning. Oh, and her rates are great. I've paid a lot more and gotten a lot less with other cleaners in the past.

Marta S. (Alameda)

We are relatively new customers and were instantly satisfied with Heather and her staff. I appreciate the attention to detail--the remind call and follow up calls are most appreciated.

Our home is spotless and I could not be more pleased. I recommend this service to anyone who wants their home cleaned professionally with great results.

Sandra W. (Alameda)

If you want a good reliable cleaning service, then Heather's Home Cleaning is for you. I look forward to every month when I come home to a shiny clean house, garbage all emptied (in all three of my bathrooms too!), and clean linens on the beds. Great rates, customer service and a personal touch from owner make Heather's Home Cleaning the best in Alameda.

Mary E. (Alameda)

Heather and her amazing crew of house cleaners have been keeping my house up for a lot of years now. Owner Heather Lee always calls to make sure I'm happy with whoever she sent over and makes every effort to get you whatever house cleaner you like and want. Over the years, I've had a lot of different cleaners but can honestly say that every one of them did a good job for me--always on time, always willing to do whatever I asked of them even if it was a special request--they always do a good job. Even more important, Heather makes sure to send out folks who will be okay with my dog being there. Most of the cleaners play with and love my dog which is really nice. Can't recommend her highly enough.

Kathy W. (Alameda)

My experience with Heather's Home Cleaning has been consistently great. I previously endured many awful cleaning services that were overpriced and unreliable. I got Heather Lee as a referral from my friend who was happy to recommend her company. I would recommend her her to anyone who needs it, and I'll take phone calls from anyone who needs more information. The cleaning personnel have always done a superb job, especially the floors ( I have 2 big dogs) and the bathrooms (I have a lot of company). I'm also a germ freak, and very fussy. Heather always calls me after a cleaning to make sure everything was done to satisfaction, even after 4+ years of service. Need I say more?

Laura A. (Alameda)

I've been very happy with the service I have received from Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather is very dependable and really tries to accomodate any request. Our home is very clean and neat when we come home and she always calls to be sure we are happy with the job. I highly recommend her company.

Ellen C. (Alameda)

The owner of Heather's Home Cleaning is amazing. A stickler for details, she follows up each week and WANTS to hear if you have any complaints or details you feel were missed. I have been using Heather's company for years and am totally satisfied. Heather's cleaning standards are as high as mine and that says a lot.

Robin B. (Alameda)

Heather's Home Cleaning is the best house cleaning company I've ever used. Heather always calls to remind me when our cleaning is scheduled, and then calls again to follow up. If there is anything I want to be done differently, all I have to do is tell Heather, and it gets done. This is also much more comfortable for me, since I'm always speaking with the actual cleaner's supervisor, and don't have to worry that the cleaner may have their feelings hurt. Heather is very flexible around holidays and other times if the schedule needs to be changed. I've been with Heather for at least 6 years, and would never consider changing to another company.

Pamela B. (Alameda)

I decided to try Heather's Home Cleaning after reading the other outstanding reviews on Yelp. Our expectations have truly been exceeded. Key advantages to Heather and her team include: competitive rates, pro-active and clear communication and finally--great cleaning! We are a family with two working parents and a ton of activities....we were looking for a cleaning service with no drama--we just want to be able to come home from work on cleaning days and find the house tidy, clean and refreshed. That's exactly what we get!

Rosemary J. (Alameda)

We have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for well over a year now. I consider myself a neat freak, but Heather outdoes me by a lot. She works very hard to make sure we are pleased, and if we don't like something, she will personally go back over it with us. She has very good people skills, and i would definitely recommend her as an honest, hard working business owner.

Jill H. (Alameda)

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for over 3 years. Heather is reliable, organized and flexible. She is able to support my changing schedule. Her staff is always on time, cheerful and hard working. I appreciate Heather's follow-up and highly recommend her services.

Deb. H (Alameda)
6/4 2011

I called Heather's Home Cleaning at the beginning of the year because I'm a busy, working single mom of 2 very busy teenagers, and just needed help keeping up with the house. I have a dog and a cat and am constantly fighting the pet hair. I can't tell you how nice it is to know that I will be coming home to a spotless house, clean hardwood floors, and most of all, a clean kitchen! I had a party a few weeks ago and left a list of additional things to be done before, and everything was done to a T. Everything's been great, but I totally appreciate that Heather calls to check in.

Connie H. (Oakland)

We made the switch to Heather's Home Cleaning after a bad experience with another local service. So far, the cleaning has been great. And even more importantly, the housekeeper has been reliable, on time and careful. Heather always follows up with a phone call and I have no concerns about giving her feedback.

Krista M. (Alameda)