House Cleaning Testimonials

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Heather and her team were lifesavers. I was convinced that I would have time to pack, move and clean my old apartment but with one week before I needed to hand over my keys it became clear that wasn't in the cards. I submitted a contact form through Heather's website crossing my fingers they'd have availability on such short notice and she replied within 24 hours to set up a phone call to review the service I needed. She requested that I purchase oven cleaner to spray on overnight and when I couldn't find it at Target I gave her a call and she helped identify the aisle and shelf where I could find it! Her team did an amazing job getting my apartment move out ready and crossed a huge item off a long and overwhelming to-do list.

Anna L. (Berkeley)

I would highly reccomend Heather's Cleaning! She is very responsive and friendly to work with. She accomodated for our schedule during the busiest part of the month for her. I loved the fact that you could text her, skipping the steps of phone tag. The cleaners were friendly, professional, and did a nice job in a timely matter (move out clean).

Katie L. (Berkeley)

We have been using Heather and her crew for well over 2 years now and I continue to NEVER be disappointed with the service!

First of all, Heather is very easy to communicate with and is always very responsive. There is never a problem working a cleaning in around our busy schedule.

Second, Heather's team always arrives while my husband and I are both at work and I cannot tell you how nice it is to come home to a clean house at the end of a long day!

I also find Heather's rate very reasonable and competitive.

I would not hesitate to recommend Heather to anyone. 5 stars!!

Cookie C. (Berkeley)

I moved to Alameda about a year ago from San Francisco and was actively looking for a house cleaner as the person I used for many years doesn't serve the East Bay area.

Anyone that knows me knows that I have very high standards when it comes to cleaning so these were very tough shoes to fill. I contacted Heather from Heather's Home Cleaning based on all the positive Yelp reviews and she was so pleasant to speak to on the phone. I was excited that I possibly found someone who could fill those shoes!

Heather sent a team of 3 to clean my 1600+ sq ft home and the back cottage. They spent about 2-3 hours and did a decent job. After speaking to Heather, we agreed that a large team wasn't appropriate for the layout of my home so Heather started sending Maribel. SHE IS AMAZING and very quick!

We worked with Maribel month after month until she was unavailable for one of the cleanings and then Heather sent Ana. WOW -- Ana did such an amazing job. My house is generally pretty clean but after Ana left, everything smelled extremely fresh, the house was bright and my appliances were shinning! I LOVE Ana!

Heather is amazing and easy to work with. She will send a text a few days prior reminding you of your upcoming cleaning. After the cleaning, Heather always follows up with a text asking how the cleaning went. If something isn't done right, she will work with you to make it right. Heather is wonderful -- thank you Heather and Team!

Wendy N. (Alameda)

It's now been more than 2 years at the same house with Heather's Cleaning taking care of all of our intense housecleaning needs. I've come to find that for the most part it's been the same crew cleaning our house all these years, and they've taken the time to incorporate the feedback we offer Heather so that we rarely after to ask for anything specific anymore. They know where to put things, how we arrange stuff, etc. (and this really matters with toddlers running around all the time!).

Further, Heather is always flexible with the timing of our cleanings (we have yet another baby in the house, so we have to work on times when the kiddo won't be terrorizing the place during cleanings) and continues to check in after the cleaning. Every. Single. Time. And it's great. We're guilty of constantly changing our cleaning schedule based on our needs and budgeting, and Heather is very responsive and does not take any offense when we ask for accommodations. Finally, there have been several times where I've forgotten to leave keys and had to drive back from work to let the cleaners in, and they've never given me any grief over my forgetfulness.

I really appreciate Heather and her crews. They've made our lives so much easier (and cleaner!).

Stephen F. (Oakland)