Client Testimonials

Heather's Home Cleaning has been the best I've used in the past 10 years. Her staff are always conscientious and hardworking. Proactive, thorough, and enjoy what they do. Great attitude, altruistic and respectful. Heather does a great job in following up and making sure we are satisfied, and is flexible with days and times when needed. I've had cleaners over the past two decades and I can honestly say I have never been more satisfied. Thank you Heather, for your professionalism and consistent standards -- much appreciated!

Barbara C., Alameda, 1/1/13

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for over 6 months now; prior to that I used to clean my home myself. Heather was more skeptical than I was about having one of her girl's clean for me--she was worried I would not find any of them up to my standards. The good thing about Heather is she does not stick you with one person, she gives you the opportunity to try different cleaners until you are satisfied. I have been very happy with the services provided, and I have recommended her to several friends. Heather confirms the cleaning the day before, and asks about the work after the job is complete.

It has made my weekends so much better!

Mita R. Alameda, 12/24/12

After moving from San Francisco to El Cerrito, I was skeptical that I could find a cleaning service that did as good of a job as the previous one did. Heather's customer service skills are fantastic. She consistently checks up on me, making sure I'm happy with the service and always ready to hear my critiques. She communicates clearly what to expect and I appreciate that. I've been pretty happy with the level of cleanliness of my home and I consider myself definitely more picky than your average customer! Heather cares about her business and her customers, which is even more important to me than the cleaning itself. I think I've found a keeper!

Emily N. El Cerrito, 12/19/12

I have had many cleaning services and Heather's is one of the best! Reasons why?

1) She worked with me to find the best fit for our house and needs. We found a good match and I am very happy with our service.
2) She consistently calls to confirm each cleaning appointment and then ALWAYS follows up to see how the cleaning was, if the
quality is consistent, and to see if we are getting the ongoing service we need.
3) She is flexible and always works hard to accommodate changes in our schedule if needed, or last minute requests.
4) She is nice and pleasant to work with and always up-beat.

I highly recommend her service! Great job!

Allison Y. Alameda, 12/9/12

I received a gift certificate for Heather's Home Cleaning at my baby shower more than two years ago, and I have been hooked ever since. My first experience with the cleaners Heather sent to my home was exceptional. Two women came and worked on my home for three hours, and it sparked from top to bottom once they were finished. Nothing was neglected. Dishes were cleaned, garbage was removed, toilet and tub were scrubbed--the works.

I am a teacher and the single mom of a rambunctious two-year old, so my house gets messy quickly. Additionally, I have a physical injury that limits my mobility so it is difficult to stay on top of things. My home has gotten to the point, at times, that I don't even want to let friends or family in because I am so uncomfortable with the mess. Heather's cleaners make me feel immediately at ease and simply get to work on whatever I ask them to do. They are also instinctive and clean-up and take care of things that I forget to mention or don't always notice.

There has not been a single time when I have called Heather that she has not been able to accommodate me. If I had to describe Heather's Home Cleaning in a single word it's QUALITY! The workers who come to the house are professional, helpful and efficient. I can trust my home to them and feel comfortable leaving them to finish their tasks. I recently had the good fortune to have Christine come to help me, who is an extremely fast and thorough worker. That would be enough in itself, but Christine was kind and loving to my two-year old son when he attempted to get in her way several times. That was just one example of a way that Heather's cleaners go above and beyond the call of duty. Another thing that I really appreciate about Heather's Home Cleaning is that it is a small family operated and local business with a personal touch, but still has the reliability of a corporate business.

I am so pleased with Heather's service that I recommend it to my closest friends. There is no need to look any further for a service that is affordable, efficient, honest, reliable, and effective. Heather's Home Cleaning is simply the Best!

Mir L. Alameda, 12/2/12