House Cleaning in Alameda, Oakland, and Berkeley

Need to free up time & energy... and get your house clean? Let Heather's Home Cleaning take care of it for you! Your home will always look and feel clean -- without any worry.

With 30+ years in providing Alameda with dependable service, we deliver what you need and expect.  We want you to be pleased.

Heather's Housecleaning is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I can work as long as I want, have a life and have a happy home. It's heaven! - Siobhan O. (Alameda)

Heather rules! We have weekly service with Heather's Home Cleaning. You will not find a better service. - Jeff D. (San Francisco)

Never have I seen clean like this: walls and tiles changed color, surfaces I'd been reluctant to actually touch, glittered. - Louise G. (Berkeley)

The best part: I didn't have to pay until Heather confirmed I was happy with the job. - Rachel L. (Alameda)

With Heather's Home Cleaning we have a great solution now--a fair price, a great cleaner, and a caring owner who diligently checks in before and after to make sure everything was done to our liking. - Anna M. (Alameda)

We are so happy that Heather is here in Alameda to help busy working couples like us! - Tosca F. (Alameda)

I'm glad I have my Friday slot secure, and my family is glad that we don't have to worry about cleaning the house during our precious free time! - Robb D. (Alameda)

Having a dependable and reliable service and Heather's follow-up has been fantastic. It's one less thing to worry about. I highly recommend the company and the people! - Lori B. (Alameda)

I cannot say enough great things about Heather's Home Cleaning... In short -- AWESOME and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - Ash M. (Alameda)

Heather's services are top notch. We are seriously messy, well I am, and our house has never looked cleaner. Heather also calls after each cleaning to ensure that we are satisfied. - Ryan K. (Alameda)

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