Client Testimonials

Heather's Home Cleaning has finally solved our house cleaning dilemma. We love a clean house but with two working parents and busy kids, we do not have the time to keep it at the level of clean that we like--or I guess if we do make the time we really do nothing but work and clean--and that is no fun either. We have hired independent house cleaners in the past and had inconsistent results, as well as communication struggles.

With Heather's Home Cleaning we have a great solution now--a fair price, a great cleaner, and a caring owner who diligently checks in before and after to make sure everything was done to our liking. We are overall thrilled and I would highly recommend Heather and her crew to anyone.

Anna M. (Alameda)

Heather and her service are fantastic and we LOVE coming home on cleaning day because of it. Heather gives the type of customer service that you hope for but don't dare expect. She always calls to remind you when the housekeeper is coming, she follows up to ask if the service was up to your expectations, and she does this every single time.

We never have to wonder if the housekeeper is coming and when they're coming, and we know that if we have a special request, Heather will make sure the cleaner fulfills it. Actually, our housekeeper does thoughtful things without even being asked, such as taking in our mail when she realized we were out of town.

And then there's the price: totally affordable, and you pay in one check every month. We are so happy that Heather is here in Alameda to help busy working couples like us!

Tosca F. (Alameda)

Heather Lee is like an old friend. I've used Heather's Home Cleaning for almost 5 years now--and I can't tell you how much I look forward to every other Friday. She always calls on the Thursday before to remind me about the cleaning-- which gives me a chance to make special requests. Other than that, we leave the money on the table, and they take care of the rest.

My kitchen floor is so clean that it SHINES (just when I had given up hope and started planning to replace it). It seemed like I would have to replace the shower grout, too--but now that's under control as well.

I'm glad I have my Friday slot secure, and my family is glad that we don't have to worry about cleaning the house during our precious free time!

Robb D. (Alameda)

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for about 6 months now, and have lived all over the country and hired national companies and individuals. From the first phone call with Heather, I knew the service would be outstanding. She came to our home with our cleaning person the first day. We walked through the house and discussed expectations and needs. Heather always calls to follow up after a cleaning to check in and make sure we are happy with the work.

My husband and I work very demanding jobs that require travel. Having a dependable and reliable service and Heather's follow-up has been fantastic. It's one less thing to worry about. I highly recommend the company and the people!

Lori B. (Alameda)

I cannot say enough great things about Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather is wonderful and really takes the time to understand the needs of the clients--she is also one of the nicest people I have ever met and really seems to genuinely care about how I'm doing personally. :-)

Her staff of house cleaners are also wonderful -- each person who has cleaned for us did a great job, and we were really happy with them.


Ash M. (Alameda)