Client Testimonials

I LOVE Heather's Homecleaning!

No joke! More times than I can count I have called other services, made appointments, cancelled them cause I was nervous about having someone in my home.

But, I really need a home cleaning service. I work a million hours and in my time off I don't want to do housework. And I need a clean, peaceful home.

So a couple of months ago, I finally sat down, cruised through all the yelp reviews of the local home cleaning services and found Heather's. I sent an email and she called me right away.

Heather was so warm and down to earth that she left me feeling I was in great hands. I was also really impressed by her rates. We set a date for the first visit, Heather called me the day before to confirm and Christine showed up as expected.

I walked Christine through my place, told her what I needed and left to run errands. When I came home...Oh Happy Day! The house was calm, clean and orderly.

Later, Heather dropped by to check on the result (which was and always is excellent!). Amazingly, my very cranky cat, Maggie, went straight up to her and started purring. This is unheard of!!! Maggie hides in the closet and glares when people walk by on the street! Heather's observant, engaging and she inspires trust.

Christine, my housecleaner, is awesome--if I ask, its done and done well. She has the gift of bringing order out of chaos. She also seems to know where the place for everything is--something I've never been able to figure out. On the days she's been to my place it's as if she's waved a magic wand and created order and serenity and charm.

I really like it that Heather's business is a community based business and that her staff are from the community as well.

Heather's Housecleaning is one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I can work as long as I want, have a life and have a happy home. It's heaven!

Siobhan O., Alameda

I am very pleased and satisfied with the work that Heather and her team provides. It is consistently good and she communicates really well before and after an appointment.

I have tried my fair share of housecleaning services, but am glad to have finally found one that works for my schedule and is affordable. From the initial walk-through and phone calls Heather was there to make it a smooth process and I feel comfortable knowing that my house is being taken care of.

I highly recommend anyone to give her service a try.

Rachel R., Oakland

Heather and her folks are AMAZING! I've been having them clean my place, bi-weekly, for about 4 months. The work is always impeccable. Actually, it's more than impeccable. They seem to find ways to put stuff away that had never occurred to me.

I cook a lot and am literally giddy coming home the days that her people have been here, because I know I have a clean slate to work with. And Heather is no, just, office manager for her business. She comes out herself to let her staff into your house and checks with you EVERY SINGLE TIME on the quality of the work. Seriously, when was the last time you had THAT kind of service?

And here's the kicker, the first day that Heather and Jennifer (who normally does my place) showed up, instead of running in fear from my dog (who I take to day care when they're here), they got down on the floor and talked to her and said hello. They could work with her here if they needed to. I'm not suggesting that you ask any outside contractor to do that, but the effort made was deeply appreciated.
I am EXTREMELY pleased with this service.

Kelly M., Alameda

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for about 5 years. I love coming home on cleaning day because I know the house will be clean. Heather always checks in to make sure the cleaning was done to my satisfaction. I am highly satisfied with the job she does.

Cindy L., Alameda

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for years. She definitely earns 5 stars. The staff are experienced, thorough, trustworthy and amiable. A special feature of this service is that Heather frequently calls personally for a report on the quality of the work. And she isn't satisfied with a general statement. She probes for detail - any details missed? anything that could be done better? Heather is a perfectionist - a good thing indeed in home cleaning.

Try this service. You won't be disappointed!

Robin B., Alameda