House Cleaning Testimonials

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The owner of Heather's Home Cleaning is amazing. A stickler for details, she follows up each week and WANTS to hear if you have any complaints or details you feel were missed. I have been using Heather's company for years and am totally satisfied. Heather's cleaning standards are as high as mine and that says a lot.

Robin B. (Alameda)

Heather's Home Cleaning is the best house cleaning company I've ever used. Heather always calls to remind me when our cleaning is scheduled, and then calls again to follow up. If there is anything I want to be done differently, all I have to do is tell Heather, and it gets done. This is also much more comfortable for me, since I'm always speaking with the actual cleaner's supervisor, and don't have to worry that the cleaner may have their feelings hurt. Heather is very flexible around holidays and other times if the schedule needs to be changed. I've been with Heather for at least 6 years, and would never consider changing to another company.

Pamela B. (Alameda)

I decided to try Heather's Home Cleaning after reading the other outstanding reviews on Yelp. Our expectations have truly been exceeded. Key advantages to Heather and her team include: competitive rates, pro-active and clear communication and finally--great cleaning! We are a family with two working parents and a ton of activities....we were looking for a cleaning service with no drama--we just want to be able to come home from work on cleaning days and find the house tidy, clean and refreshed. That's exactly what we get!

Rosemary J. (Alameda)

We have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for well over a year now. I consider myself a neat freak, but Heather outdoes me by a lot. She works very hard to make sure we are pleased, and if we don't like something, she will personally go back over it with us. She has very good people skills, and i would definitely recommend her as an honest, hard working business owner.

Jill H. (Alameda)

I have been using Heather's Home Cleaning for over 3 years. Heather is reliable, organized and flexible. She is able to support my changing schedule. Her staff is always on time, cheerful and hard working. I appreciate Heather's follow-up and highly recommend her services.

Deb. H (Alameda)
6/4 2011