House Cleaning Testimonials

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When I first walked into the house I'd rented in Berkeley (chosen for its ideal location) I thought, frankly, only gutting it completely could help it. It was dismal and faintly sordid, like an ancient bus stop in a rural town. The furnishings were early dentist's office. These were replaced, but the greatest change was worked by Heather's Home Cleaning. Never have I seen clean like this: walls and tiles changed color, surfaces I'd been reluctant to actually touch, glittered. I cannot recommend this service highly enough, and wish I could kidnap one of its brilliant workers--my REAL house needs help too.

Louise G., Visiting Professor, Berkeley

I have tried many cleaning services in the East Bay and was not satisfied with any of them until I found Heather's Home Cleaning. Heather is wonderful and the cleaners who are employed by her do an amazing job cleaning exactly what you want done. Some weeks I like to have a once over on the entire house and others I might just want the oven and bathrooms cleaned. Whatever you want, they will do and do well. Heather always calls to remind you of your cleaning day and also to check to make sure everything was cleaned to your satisfaction. I have two fur babies that are always treated very well by Heather and her staff. My cats are my kids and it was extremely important to me that whoever was in my house was kind to my animals. I am so happy to have found a cleaning company that I can stick with long term knowing I will be happy with the results.

Jerdine C. (Alameda)

I've been using Heather's Home Cleaning for about 6 months now, and am still one happy camper. She and her staff are extremely punctual, thorough, and just plain sweet!

Today, we had a new woman from the service clean our house and she did the best job yet! Not only was my house SPOT-LESS, but she even tied cute little bows out of some stray ribbons lying near my windows. Too cute. She also cleaned underneath a pile of woven branches I brought in from outside to decorate my mantle with. Unreal. I didn't expect anyone to tackle that.

When it comes to house cleaning, it's always the little things!

Rachel L. (Alameda)
Updated: 11/21/2011

Heather helped me solve the problem of two teenagers, a very busy schedule and house cleaning. Between my kids' extracurricular programs, we just could not get to the chores of house cleaning to the extent of our requirements. Heather and her team developed a cleaning schedule that fits our budget and our fastidiousness.

Her team has exceeded our expectations within. Heather is exceptionally organized and has provided us with very consistent and professional customer care.

Thank you Heather and team!

Chris A. (Alameda)

We have never had a more professional and courteous house cleaning service. We've been using Heather's Home Cleaning for almost one year, and have never, ever had a problem. I know people scan these reviews, so here's the bullets:

-100% consistent in making a set weekly schedule around our schedules.
-Never been late!
-100% flexible if we have to move the timing for a specific week.
-Heather calls us to remind us each week about the coming appointment.
-Pro cleaning (a spotless 1-bedroom flat in less than 2 hours). Even do the dirty dishes that are around the house if we don't have time to do them.
-Heather calls to follow up after each cleaning to ask if there's anything they missed, that they could do better, etc.
-Heather is a very professional and kind person to work with. 5 stars!

This company is great!!!!

Christopher W. (Alameda)